Glowing Photo Luminaries – From Our Best Bites

When I was growing up, we had a formal dining room that was only used on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  At one point I thought that was a really wasted use of space, but now looking back- because it was so special, that room was home to some of my most precious family memories.  It’s the only room where we used  my great grandmother’s gold-plated china.  And where we sat on fancy padded chairs and got to drink sparkling cider and use the fancy butter knives.  It’s also the only room where every meal was eaten by candlelight- and it was magical.  My parents would dim the lights and right before we started our meal, they’d light tall candlesticks and the little flickering lights would reflect off the crystal goblets and make everything twinkle.  My family meals now, even on special holidays, are much more casual.  I purposely didn’t build a formal dining room, and sometimes we even use (gasp) paper plates!  However the one thing that I still love, is having flickering candles on the table.

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