Such a clear & simple sewing required! DIY Roman Shades

It always feels great when you have your mind set on how you want something to look and then it all comes together.  This is exactly what has happened with my entry way/porch area.  I knew I wanted to put stripes on the wall but it was a matter of finally getting around to it.  Once that was done and the porch was all cleared out I knew I had to make it something that was worth having.  That’s when I ordered my desk and watched the space slowly turn into what I had envisioned.  I had my cream and tan stripes, I had my white lacquered desk, now it was time for some color. With all those windows in that space it was the perfect opportunity to add a fun hue! For the most part, I love calming colors in my space like soft muted blues, greens and gray and dare I say beige! Well, not this time! I was looking for a straight up girly space and what is more glamorous and girly than PINK! I decided to use my existing blinds to create some roman shades with some awesome pink fabric! I had to first find the right fabric and I forced myself not to over think it because oh lord I could spend months trying to pick the right fabric. Just ask the pillows on my couch that I have been trying to replace forever now! Here were some of the options I gave myself.

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